Coaldale 5K Posting Instructions..

  • A slideshow is available here.
  • This is a 5K event that you can complete any day in the 8 day period from April 2nd-9th..
  • Once logged in you will land at the Input Dashboard where you are required to enter your " Posting Code" in the text box, do so and press the search button. (login info and this code is provided in your entry confirmation email as well you will receive reminder email from RacePro evening of April 1st, check your SPAM folders, if you don't receive the email contact us here please include your name)
  • Confirm that it is your info that comes up. (yes, it will re-size on a smartphone or tablet)
  • You will see an area showing your name, age category, gender and bib number and a link to download your bib. Please confirm all is correct.
  • You will also see the Time posting area where you will note that the Time as 00:00:00 and a Post Time button, press it.
  • It will bring you to the Time Post page, again  confirm it is you by checking the name, bib#, age category and gender.     
  • Now Post your time in HOUR HH:MINUTE:MM:SECOND SS format in the box.  (examples: 01:02:10 for 1 hour 2 minutes and 10 second or 00:51:02 for 51 minutes 2 seconds) 
  • Hour values are 00-02: Minute values are 00-59 :Second values are 00-59. The colons should automatically populate themselves.
  • Next you have the OPTION of uploading a screenshot of your activity app from your smartphone or watch for proof by pressing the Choose File button.
    This is NOT Mandatory as it may be a bit technical depending on your device.
  • Press the Post Time button. Your will be brought back to the dashboard where you can confirm all times. You are done!
  • Note that the buttons disappear once you post you time so if you had entered something incorrectly please email us or text with details.
  • Questions issues email us.
  • You can view placings here during the 8 days however times will not be shown till the end of the event.

Coaldale 5K Time Posting Instructions