Little Souls Marathon Distance Post Instructions

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    Log into the website link with the user name and password provided in your email.
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    You will arrive at the Time-Distance Input Dashboard.
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    Enter your "Posting Code" you received in your email then press the search button
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    Your personal dashboard info will appear. Again verify that the info is you. You will see your name , distance and bib# (wihich you can download here), a change option which you can use at any point throughout the event a current summary of your status and all the days of the challenge and all distances zeroed. Select the appropriate day you will be posting the time and distance for. Press the Day# Post button to proceed.
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    In the box post your distance to 2 decimal places for that day.
    You will see the distance remaining in your challenge prior to this post.
    Press the "Post your Distance " button to proceed.
  • Untitled-7A.png
    The next screen will show how far you have gone so far as well remaining distance.
    You need to press the "You Must Click to Complete Post" button.
  • Untitled-8.png
    You will return to the main screen where you will be able to confirm that days post and also see the updates calculated in the Current Summary and Chart areas. NOTE the post button disappears once each day is posted. If you require corrections please contact us to fix it for you. The next time you wish to post does not have to be the next day but the day you do the activity on. Select it and carry through similar to your intial post.
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    Here is day 2 follow the same procedure
  • Untitled-10A.png
    Again make sure you carry this through by pressing the "You Must Click to Complete Post" button.
  • Untitled-12A.png
    Back to the dashboard
  • Untitled-23.png
    Say after a number of days you wish to change distance. select "Change" button under the Change Distance Option area.
  • Untitled-11A.png
    The Change window will come up.
  • Untitled-12B.png
    Select "Yes" from the required dropdown.
  • Untitled-13A.png
    Another dropdown will appear.
  • Untitled-14A.png
    Here select your new distance and gender.
    Once selected make sure your new distance appears.
  • Untitled-15A.png
    You will see all the fields with your distance change Press the Change Distance button.
  • Untitled-16.png
    You can confirm the change and see the distance have been recalculated.
  • Untitled-18A.png
    On your last activity post that brings you to your completion distance, whatever day it may be, post your time please make sure you enter the same distance as it shows remaining. Post it.
  • Untitled-19A.png
    Here you will see your final posting time and see that 0KM is remaining also indicating that you have finished your Challenge distance. Press the You Must Click to Complete Post button.
    NOTE*- You can go over your distance and keep going ( it will show negative distances left, just ignore that). Your Finishers Certificate will indicate exactly how far you logged in the 45 days.
  • Untitled-20.png
    You still have your Final Total to Post. The Final Post Button will now be visible press it make your Final Post.This indicates you are Finished.
    PLEASE make sure you post this!
  • Untitled-21A.png
    There is no input needed here as time and distance is calculated. (should something not look correct please contact us). Press the Post Your Time button.
  • Untitled-22.png
    You will be returned to the initial page, please confirm proper time has been posted. Your DONE!
    Please note you can only post ONCE. Should you accidently input the incorrect time please contact us by one of the links on the page.